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22 May 2019

The Legal Clinic Champions League 2019 Playstation Edition

Following up last year’s Cup, TLC Champions Cup for Networking & Charity is back again this year but this time on PlayStation Fifa. The event was held on Wednesday 22nd of May 2019 at The Greek Campus, Platform venue. It was a Ramadan night full of fun and networking where startups, entrepreneurs, family and friends got together in friendly vibes for entertainment, networking and charity.

TLC Champions Cup Signup Fees was donated to Helm Foundation for Aiding Disabilities who dedicated the prize to one of its programs in the name of the Winning Team “ MAYDAY -Roadside Assistance”– in their Accessibility Project – to enhance a training center and make it more accessible for persons with disabilities.

9th of January 2019

The Legal Clinic Anniversary Celebration

The Legal Clinic celebrated its first anniversary at the Greek campus!! It was an unforgettable day with our Collaborators, Partners, & Startups celebrating one year of success and supporting the ecosystem from The Legal Clinic. In the last year we succeeded to reach out 90% of Startup and Entrepreneurs all across Egypt and supporting them all with our continuing initiative #GrowingThroughCollaboration.

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