15th of January 2019

Legal workshop with Founder Institute at Greek Campus

The legal clinic is always here for Founder Institute startups!
It has been a pleasure providing a legal workshop at FalakStartups – Greek Campus. It is our duty to facilitate startups path to success through trusted legal advice & support # Growing through Collaboration.

14th January 2019

Entrepreneurship & Financial Knowledge Workshop in collaboration with CHF in Suez

SMEs face many legal issues while growing their businesses & The Legal Clinic is here to facilitate such issues by providing legal sessions in collaboration with CHF

4th December 2018

Startup Manifesto Official Launch Event

In March 2018, The Legal Clinic has been invited to participate and draft the Startup’s Manifesto powered by the Rise Up as an active law firm that has changed the legal market with regards to the SME market. The Legal Clinic has participated in the Startups’s Manifesto event and discussions enabling and supporting entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt by providing an overview of the main legal challenges facing the SME market suggesting applicable & practical solutions. In December 2018, The Legal clinic has been announced as the sole legal partner for the Manifesto. As quoted by Amr Hareedy, our SME legal Counsel, at the Official Startup manifesto Launch Event “The Legal Clinic priority has been always to serve hundreds of start-ups by giving them access to international legal services and providing them with a free legal consultation. We believe that our contribution to the development of the current startup scene through the Startup Manifesto is to elaborate to startups the legal landscape in Egypt tackling the most common legal issues facing startups and the ecosystem and to provide legal advice and solutions for such issues. Throughout this process, we’ve noticed that start-ups founders face similar legal challenges. The same questions have been frequently raised, so here are your answers with The Legal Clinic Team”

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