14th of January 2019

Active Citizen Café Event

During the Global Entrepreneurship Week, The Legal Clinic participated in the Active Citizen Café at the British Council Egypt which is the first meet up and networking event for Active Citizen Programme Alumni around Egypt.

4th of November 2018

Thrive’s Event by Ahead of the Curve

The Legal Clinic was a part of Thrive’s program training sessions organized by Ahead of the Curve. As the Legal Clinic is always enthusiastic towards supporting startups and SMEs as essential players in the ecosystem. “Thrive” is a specialized support program designed by Ahead of the Curve, in collaboration with Work in Progress (WiP), to provide tailored support to impact driven businesses at growth phase. The program does so, through offering training in essential topics including the legal aspect. Ahead of the Curve (ATC) is a social business dedicated to the promotion of sustainable management practice, inclusive market growth and social innovation.

7th of November 2018

Legal Workshops at StartEgypt

November 2018, we have started supporting StartEgypt by providing them with legal workshops & sessions besides answering any legal inquiries they might have. StartEgypt is an Egyptian startup initiative to inspire and support thousands of Egyptian entrepreneurs and social impact enterprises. StartEgypt is poised to support aspiring Egyptians entrepreneurs through a myriad of entrepreneurial services and activities and rich targeted content.

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